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    Easy Blueberry Gelato Recipe for a Refreshing Treat

    Blueberry Gelato Recipe

    Ideberries.com – When the season comes, blueberry harvest can be abundant. It is the perfect time for us to cook some dishes with blueberry.

    Blueberry is indeed a nutritious food for various types of dishes (read: blueberry benefits). We can add blueberry sauce on our favorite pancake. Besides, we can make a smoothie and juice with blueberry. And it is always fun to make ice cream with blueberries.

    Ice cream or gelato is always the favorite dish for both children and adults. During the hot days, ice cream can always chill out the day. Besides, it is also fun to have ice cream for a boring time.

    Gelato is also a sweet thing when we are in the gloomy moods. Therefore, it is time for us to compile blueberry gelato recipe to try.

    When our fridge is full of blueberries, we can start making the blueberry gelato as a refreshing treat. We can add some other fruits for making the flavor more colorful. Or we can just give a hint of flavor for creating special home-made taste in it.

    For instance, we can give a hint of lemon inside the blueberry gelato. The taste will be a little sour. Sometimes, too sweet gelato is not that delicious. So, adding some sour fruit is definitely a good idea.

    Blueberries gelato will be easy to make when we have ice cream machine at home. Yet, we can still make it manually. In the latter method, we have to keep it in the freezer overnight before having it with our beloved family.

    Blueberry Gelato Recipe

    This gelato recipe requires a quite long cooking duration. In a total, we will need to spend an hour for making the dish.


    • Blueberries: 3 cups
    • Sugar: ½ cup and ¾ cup
    • Fresh lemon juice: 2 tablespoon
    • Whole milk: 2 cups
    • Vanilla extract: 1 teaspoon
    • Eggs: use 3 egg yolks and 1 whole egg
    • Heavy cream: 1 cup


    First of all, we have to mix the blueberry, sugar, and lemon juice in a food processor. We can use an ordinary blender as well. Let the mixture become puree until smooth.

    After that, we have to cook the milk and vanilla extract in a pan. We need to set the heat low because we do not want it to boil.

    Next, we need to beat the egg yolks and sugar to create thick texture. The color should turn into yellow.

    Now, take the milk from the pan and pour it into the thick mixture of eggs. After that, we can place the mixture back in heat. Slowly, whisk the egg and sugar mixture into the milk.

    The key to a successful blueberry gelato recipe is the constant stirring. So, we have to be very careful with it. Simply do not let it boil.

    After removing the pan from the heat, we need to pour it into a glass bowl. To make it softer, it is time for us to add the cream.

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    Next, we just need to put the blueberry mixture. The gelato is practically done. Only that we have to chill it overnight in the fridge.

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    The Best Copycat Starbucks Blueberry Muffin Recipe

    Starbucks Blueberry Muffin Recipe

    Ideberries.com – Blueberry is a sweet berry that tastes delicious for smoothies. Yet, blueberry is not that tasty for a cake. The flavor is sweet without any hint of sour. That makes the flavor a little bit boring. Therefore, not all blueberry muffin and cakes will be the best bet.

    It requires a perfect recipe to make a blueberry muffin tastes wonderful. Besides, there is a secret to make it moist and soft.

    Starbucks seems to be successful in creating a flawless recipe on the blueberry muffin. It is not easy for us to try copying the Starbucks blueberry muffin recipe through the online site.

    The Best Copycat Starbucks Blueberry Muffin Recipe
    Photo by Simplyrecipes.com

    Sometimes, we go to a coffee shop only for finding some pleasurable time. Many people have proven that to sit in a coffee shop and enjoy a cup of a cappuccino is enough to relieve a stressful day. However, some people go to such a place truly for the coffee and cakes.

    There are some cafés that really serve delicious beverages and awesome cakes. Starbucks is one of them.

    In Starbucks, every cup of coffee is made with the special recipe. Even, the taste of Starbucks muffin is different to any other shops. Now let’s check the copycat recipe out!

    Starbucks Blueberry Muffin Ingredients

    • All purpose flour: 2 cups plus 2 tablespoon
    • Baking powder: 1 ½ teaspoon
    • Salt: ½ teaspoon
    • Unsalted butter: ½ cup
    • Sugar: 1 cup, 2 tablespoons, 1 teaspoon
    • Eggs: 2
    • Honey: 2 teaspoons
    • Vanilla yogurt: ¼ cup
    • Vanilla extract: 1 teaspoon
    • Whole milk: ¼ cup
    • Fresh blueberries: 2 cups
    • Vegetable oil: 2 teaspoons

    Note: we can use both defrosted and frozen blueberry.

    Starbucks Blueberry Muffin Step by Step

    1. Set the oven to 350 degrees
    2. This recipe is for 20 muffins or more. We can line a muffin pan with liners before starting to cook.
    3. Put two cups of flour, baking powder and salt together.
    4. Mix the butter and sugar to make a cream. After the mixture is thickening, we add the eggs, milk, and yogurt. Honey and vanilla are up next.
    5. The next step is to mix the blueberries with 1 tablespoon of flour. This is a typical tip for preventing the blueberries from sinking.
    6. Add the blueberries to the batter we make previous
    7. The batter is ready to pour into the muffin pans.
    8. Bake the batter for approximately 5 minutes.
    9. In the middle of the baking duration, we can mix the streusel topping.
    10. The streusel:
    • Vegetable oil
    • Flour: 1 teaspoonful
    • Sugar: 4 tablespoons plus 1 teaspoon
    • Mix all of the compositions.

    After 5 minutes, remove the muffins from the oven. After adding the streusel topping, we need to bake them back up to 20 minutes.

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    This recipe results in a very moist and delicious muffin. The flavor is not too sweet. The secret ingredient is in the yogurt and vanilla. It makes the flavor rich and perfect. Do you dare to try this Starbucks blueberry muffin recipe?

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    Unique Tropical Strawberry Shakeology Recipes

    Tropical Strawberry Shakeology Recipes

    Ideberries.com – Strawberry shake is always a sweet idea for a breakfast. The fresh taste will give a good start every single day. We can include the strawberry shake as the children breakfast.

    In addition, it is also good to make it as a morning menu for a weight loss method. Strawberry tastes sweet with a little sour flavor. Therefore, it is great to combine strawberry with vanilla, chocolate, and other flavors.

    The strawberry treat is wonderful for cakes, desserts, snacks, beverages, juice, and smoothies. Tropical strawberry shakeology recipes will make our day.

    Strawberries have the character of easy blending with other ingredients. It tastes awesome with water and little ice.

    We do not have to add some other sweeteners, sugar, or milk if we want to keep it fresh. However, there are some ideas of Tropical strawberry shakeology recipes that mix up some ingredients and even other fruits.

    Strawberry Shakeology Recipes
    Phptp by Commons.wikimedia.org

    The shakeology recipes include various types of dishes as well. We can find strawberry mojito recipes easily. Besides, we can also bite the strawberry flavor through creamy strawberry cheesecake.

    Through the internet, there are countless lists of the best strawberry shakeology recipes. However, there are some that are too unique.

    We can say that the recipes are sometimes peculiar for our every lifestyle. Yet, it is still fun to try out some of the unique recipes. We can manage a healthier life as we find interesting Tropical strawberry shakeology recipes.

    This recipe will fulfill our nutrition needs. We will be more energetic as we drink a big mug jar of strawberry shakeology.

    We all know that strawberries are the superfood that contains antioxidants and protein. It is rich in vitamin C and phytonutrients.

    Nutrition Facts of Strawberry Shakeology:

    It contains only 130 calories per serving. A single donut contains 350 calories and thus, it is healthier to consume the shake.

    The total fat is 1 gram only. What about the cholesterol? It has only 5 mg in each serving. It does not make you fat because the total carbs are 15 gram.

    We can also get some protein from the shake. It has 16 grams of protein per serving. And it also contains 120 mg of sodium.

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    The Tropical strawberry shakeology recipes:

    1. Creamy strawberry vanilla: Mix strawberry shakeology with one cup of almond milk. We can add ice in order to give a fresher taste.
    2. Vanilla Strawberry: Blend strawberry shakeology with one teaspoonful of vanilla extract. After that, we need to add 1 cup of water. The last one, we can add the ice.
    3. Strawberry green tea shake: It is as simple as adding one cup of green tea and ice to the strawberry shakeology.
    4. Strawbery hazelnut: We can add a teaspoon of hazelnut extract and one cup of water to strawberry shakeology. Adding ice is optional.
    5. Tropica-frozen strawberry: In order to make the flavor stronger, we can add one cup of frozen strawberries to the strawberry shakeology. Also, we need to add one cup of water.
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    The Scientific Studies of Raspberry Health Benefits

    Raspberry Health Benefits

    Ideberries.com – When talking about berries, we will always discuss the vitamins, minerals, fibers, and antioxidants.

    Raspberry, blackberries, and acai berries all have those essential contents. Raspberries have many health benefits.

    It can even be helpful in stopping the growth of cancer cells. The progress of some cancer growth will be reduced or at least slow down with raspberry consumption.

    Raspberry Fruit Profile

    Raspberry Fruit Profile
    Photo by Daleysfruit.com.au

    Raspberry is edible berries that are the species in the genus Rubus of the rose family. Raspberry grows with woody stems.

    This berry tastes a little bit different compared to other berries which are relatively sour.

    Raspberry fruit is sweet. The raspberry texture is soft and juicy. It almost melts in our month because of the soft texture. Raspberry is not only sweet in taste but in the appearance as well.

    The look of raspberry is cute with some ranges of colors. It can appear pink, purple, or red. Sometimes, we can also find raspberry with yellow, orange, white, and even black colors.

    Raspberry comes with two hybrids. We will find loganberries and boysenberries as the variants.

    The cultivation raspberry starts from June to October. We can find vast array of raspberry garden and cultivation field in California.

    Raspberry as a Healthy Nutrient

    Raspberry as a Healthy Nutrient
    Photo by Wikihow.com

    Raspberry oil is a precious mineral that we can use for weight loss. It has a sun protection factor.

    For the dieters, raspberry can be very helpful to optimize their diet. Besides, it can also help reduce the effects of skin aging. So, raspberry gives a double benefit for beauty and health.

    The ladies will love to consume it as a fruit for both benefits. Additionally, it is also a great fruit for improving immune systems.

    So, raspberry works right in the core of our health system. It looks after our health instantly.

    It is easy to include raspberry in our diet because we can find many recipes for it. Also, to eat the berries raw is also delicious.

    If we want to make it more fun, we can add frozen raspberries to our beverages. The taste is delicious for cake topping and sauce.

    Besides, we can process raspberry into a jam and enjoy a morning breakfast with the berries jam every single morning. It will be a healthy and stylish way of lifestyle.

    Raspberry Contents

    Raspberry Nutritions
    Photo by Secretlyhealthy.com

    Polyphenolic antioxidants and dietary fiber

    The first and most important content of raspberry is polyphenolic antioxidants. It has the important anthocyanin pigment that provides excellent health protection. Besides, raspberry is a superfood that offers sufficient dietary fiber.

    One reason for a weight gain is because people do not include enough fiber in their diet. They can digest their food well and keep storing fats.

    With good dietary fiber, our digestive system will work properly. When it comes to dietary fiber, raspberry is in the top rank.

    The fiber takes 20% of the whole weight of raspberry. That will be enough for giving people good digestion system.

    Vitamins and Minerals

    Besides the essential element for health and weight loss, raspberry is also rich in vitamin C. Thus, we can improve our body fitness by including raspberry in our diet. In addition, it is also rich in vitamin B.

    For pregnancy, raspberry is an essential fruit for it offers folic acid, copper, and iron. Among all berries and fruits, raspberries have the highest antioxidant quality.

    Within the small fruits, raspberry contains a high concentrate of ellagic acid. In addition, it also has quercetin, cyanidins, salicylic acid, and catechins.

    It is complicated only by mentioning the contents. In short, raspberries can improve our health and beauty.

    It is necessary that we pick raspberry with red or darker colors.

    This is so because pale raspberries or the ones with pink, yellow, or white colors contain lower minerals. Because of the abundant dark red raspberry, we can say that we have sufficient supply of good raspberry for health.

    We can even consume raspberry to avoid cancers. For cancer patients, raspberries will be the natural treatments as well.

    Scientific Studies on Red Raspberry

    Red Raspberry Benefits for Health
    Photo by Healthyfitnatural.com

    We all know that raspberries can provide various health benefits. However, we need to know the scientific studies in order to consume it properly. Besides, we have to know how to process the fruit correctly to avoid mineral quality reduction. Additionally, it is necessary that we are informed with the science before buying the supplements.

    In 2011, A Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry reported that raspberry has an active agent that can work as an anti-inflammatory.

    The study showed that the raspberry extract can also work as antigen for arthritis. The red raspberries contain the essential bioactive polyphenols that are reported to be effective as an anti-inflammatory.

    Meanwhile, in March 2012, the Journal of Medical Food that bioactive agent inside the raspberry can fight against cancer. The study tested the leaves of raspberries.

    The results are crucial. It shows that the leaves contain cytotoxic and cytoprotective, that can be helpful for reducing the growth of cancer.

    Back to January 2011, Pharmacognosy Magazine reported that raspberry can be also useful for cardiovascular health problems.

    Raspberry contains the antihypertensive effect that can help the hypertensive condition. It was conducted College of Public Health of Urumqi China.

    The research confirmed that raspberries that are rich in polyphenols can give potential in protecting cardiovascular.

    In November 2010, Nutrition & Metabolism reported that raspberry can also give protective benefits for the liver.

    A fresh raspberry is rich with phytochemical extract that can provide medical benefits for hepatic lesions. We can include raspberries in our diet for enhancing the condition of our liver.

    Raspberry is the sweet berries that can give those precious health benefits. It is surely one of the most essential nutrients for our fitness and diet.

    Raspberries can even help us to look more beautiful. It makes our skin firm.

    Consuming raspberries regularly is proven to be effective in providing better body fitness. Besides, the antioxidant content can fight against free radicals that are harmful for our bodies.

    Raspberries are relatively easy to grow. So, if we have the time and passion, to grow raspberry in our own is definitely a brilliant idea.

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    The Simplest Raspberry Habanero Sauce Recipe

    Raspberry Habanero Sauce Recipe

    Ideberries.com – Today, creative moms all over the world can easily share their special home-made food recipe through the online media.

    Social media offers countless recipes to try as well. Though the world often blames the internet for negative impacts, it is undeniably true that internet is also helpful for recipe searching.

    There are many kinds of recipes from all over the world to try. Besides the ordinary cakes, main course, and snacks, moms can also try applying recipes of special sauces.

    For instance, raspberry habanero sauce recipe is available. Raspberry sauce is delicious for barbecue, savory desserts, and grilled chickens.

    More specifically, raspberry habanero sauce is a wonderful spice that can add a strong flavor in each dish.

    Raspberry Habanero Sauce Recipe

    The Simplest Raspberry Habanero Sauce Recipe
    Photo by Driscolls.com

    The recipe only needs three ingredients. So, it is not a complicated one. The recipe is fairly easy. It does not need special skills.

    Yet, people have to do it carefully. It requires patience for making the sauce perfectly done. The sauce will not be extremely hot.

    The secret is the habanero pepper. The pepper is not processed together with the sauce. It is sautéed in the jam instead.

    Alternately, we can also add the cider vinegar mix with habanero pepper to get the strong taste. The experts recommend the sauce to try out with vanilla ice cream. It will be so unique and delicious.

    Simple Raspberry habanero sauce recipe ingredients:

    1. Habanero pepper split in half: 1 (remove the seeds previously)
    2. Raspberry jam: 1/2 cup (seedless raspberry is preferred)
    3. Apple cider vinegar: ½ cup

    The total preparation time is approximately 5 minutes.


    First of all, add all of the ingredients in a saucepan. It requires medium heat. Cooking the liquid for a perfect combination requires a regular stir. As the sauce thickening, we have to continue stirring.

    We need to control the heat well to make the sauce done in our preferred thickness. After the sauce done we need to remove the habanero. The sauce is ready to serve.

    Organic foods and home-made foods are way better than the canned ones. We have to reduce the consumption of instant foods for avoiding the bad impacts.

    Recipes are scattered around the internet. The creativity is unlimited and it will be great to get the foods done in our own kitchen.

    Raspberry habanero sauce recipe is offered in various styles. We can try the easiest one if we are not sure with the procedures.

    In addition, we need to make sure that we have fresh raspberry for making the sauce perfect. Fresh raspberries have wonderful colors and taste. Thus, the sauce will taste excellent.

    When we are experienced enough to make the simple raspberry sauce recipe, we can try the chef style.

    It will be more economical to cook the sauce in our kitchen. Besides, it gives moms great time to serve healthy foods for the families.

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    Raspberries basically taste wonderful for many dishes. But the most common is the raspberry sauce that goes deliciously both for the main course, appetizers, and desserts.

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    Countless Health Benefits of The Rich and Nutritious Blackberry

    Health Benefits of The Rich and Nutritious Blackberry

    Ideberries – The blackberry is another super food that is good for a weight loss. It is an edible fruit that is included in Rubus genus.

    We do not have to learn about its original name and families. What we need to know is the benefits and nutrition facts about blackberry.

    Blackberry has been a famous fruit from the dietary fiber. In addition, it has high vitamin C. Even, it serves vitamin K as well.

    Blackberry Profiles

    Blackberry plant has a stem with sharp spikes. The leaves are dark green. The leaves look wonderful with clusters of pinkish blossoms.

    The fruit colors are purple-black with smooth skin. In the immature phase, blackberries are green or red. Later on, the skin turns into black and glossy when it is ripening.

    It will be healthy to include blackberry in our dietary menus. In 100 grams of raw blackberries, we can consume only 43 calories. It includes 5 grams of dietary fiber.

    The essential nutrients in blackberry are sufficient for giving dieters good body fitness.

    When going through a weight loss and diet program, people tend to feel weak. Therefore, it is great if they consume superfood with many health benefits.

    In addition, it is better to consume healthy fruit instead of diet supplement. It is recommended that dieters consume natural herbs and real foods.

    Diet methods are varied and it is so much important that people place their health as a priority.

    Therefore, it is better to arrange a healthier diet instead of eating some foods that are claimed to give weight loss impact.

    Diet methods will work well only if dieters reduce their calorie intake, do exercise, set their mind, and live healthier. So, a fruit like a blackberry is definitely a good idea.

    Blackberry is a flexible type of fruit that can be delicious for desserts, seedless jelly, wine, and jams.

    We can enjoy blackberry with apples for pies. Besides, it will also look beautiful as cake toppers. We can eat it as crumbles. Today, we can even eat blackberry candies.

    Blackberry tastes delicious and is good for cakes. We can create some unique foods with blackberries.

    If we are creative with the recipes, we will be able to eat it every single day and get the health benefits. It provides digestive health. Besides, it can strengthened immune defense.

    We can even get a healthier heart by consuming blackberries. In a more intense therapy, we can prevent cancer and endothelial dysfunction with blackberries.

    Besides, Blackberry has the cognitive benefits. It can enhance memories. So, while eating the delicious blackberry pies, people can improve their brain health. Besides, it is useful for weight management.

    People can keep their ideal weight in a delicious way. Additionally, blackberry is also beneficial for beauty.

    The History of Blackberry

    Health Benefits of Blackberry
    Photo by Globalplantgenetics.com

    Blackberry is native to the northern temperate areas in the word. It is the official fruit of Alabama.

    The blackberry plantations and natural habitat are found widely in North America and Pacific Coast as well.

    In the ancient period, people regarded blackberry plant as a weed.

    It was a merely wild plant that was not exploited much.  Yet, the history of blackberry medical record was noted back more than 2000 years ago.

    Blackberry had been utilized as medical aid. The fruits, leaf, back, and even roots were popular in Romans and Greek medication.

    Traditionally, ranging medical conditions were treated by blackberry. Mild infections and venomous bites were two common problems with blackberry remedy.

    During the 18th century, blackberry was popular as gout berry because of its function to cure gout. Today, the world perceives blackberry as one of the most nutritious foods for dietary and health.

    Blackberry Nutrition Facts

    Blackberry Nutrition Facts
    Photo by Theplate.nationalgeographic.com

    Blackberry is tasty and rich in nutrients. It has nourishing components that include various vitamins. It contains vitamin A, vitamin B1 or thiamine, and vitamin B2 or riboflavin. Besides, Vitamin B3 or niacin and vitamin B6 are also in blackberry.

    In addition, folate and vitamin C that is essential for body fitness are also found in blackberry.

    Vitamin E, vitamin K, and other minerals of blackberries will be helpful for diet and health.

    When we consume blackberries, we can take the benefits of calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, and magnesium. And it is a superfood for diet due to the essential fiber and amino acid. It does not contain any harmful cholesterol.

    Blackberry Basics Information

    Eating Blackberry Every Day
    Photo by Amandasplate.com

    The black sweet blackberry is a star for salads, smoothies, and cakes. To serve blackberry with cheese is definitely a good idea.

    Blackberry is tasty for pies, muffin, jams, and even when eaten plain. Blackberry season is from June to September.

    When it is time for us to make a blackberry jam or pies, we need to buy a fresh blackberry. Yet, sometimes we do not know how to do it correctly.

    We have to choose the ripe ones for the perfect taste. In addition, we need to pick the bright blackberry that has strong aroma.

    When we buy packaged blackberry, we must avoid the one with juice showing. The bruises fruits or moldy fruits are not good also.

    In order to make the blackberry tasty until some few days, we need to place it in the container before storing in a fridge.

    We have to remember that berries are sensitive to moisture. Therefore, we have to use containers and not plastic bags.

    Today, we can create various dishes with blackberry. We can place it on top of a cake so it looks elegant and tasty at the same time.

    Besides, we can mix it with milk and blend them well to drink it as a smoothie. In addition, we can also create a super delicious jam or sauce with blackberry.

    Blackberry is definitely a good dietary food. We can eat it raw and cook it to get the health benefits with it. It is a delicious way to be fit and beautiful at the same time.

    We can mix blackberries and other berries for creating a unique taste. Blackberries are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and delicious for desserts and beverages.

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    Cranberries: Cranberry Basics, Nutrition Facts, and Recipes


    Ideberries – Cranberry is part of evergreen dwarf shrubs. It is from the genus of Vaccinium. The cranberry is wildly cultivated in central and northern Europe.

    In Canada, US, and Chile, cranberry is also popular. In North America, cranberry is classified into Vaccinium Macrocarpon.

    It is a good quality cranberry that is qualified for juice and cocktail. Meanwhile, in the European countries, the cranberry is smaller and has anthocyanin pigment profiles.

    Besides, the European version is a little bit different in terms of the quinic, citric acid, and malic. In European countries, cranberry is popular as English mossberry.

    Here are some facts of cranberry that we need to learn:

    Cranberry Nutrition Facts
    Photo by Lettucebehealthy.net

    Cranberry for Preventing UTIs

    It has been long known that cranberry is an essential food that can help reduce the risk of urinary tract infections or UTIs.

    Scientists suggested that it is the acidity of cranberries that can help prevent UTIs. However, it is the proanthocyanidins that can prevent the UTIs.

    Cranberry Cultivation

    Cranberries are water-harvested. Farmers grow it in bogs. The plants float in water for easy harvesting. It has been preferred by industries because of the convenience. Besides, scientists suggest another method of cultivation.

    The more recent science shows that it is better to give the berries direct proportion of natural sunlight.

    Exposing the plants to the sun will improve the phytonutrients (the substance that gives the red color). With the strong exposure to sunlight, cranberry will provide greater concentrations of anthocyanins.

    In other words, to grow the cranberry with water-harvesting method means to produce cranberry with better health benefit. Yet, the method should allow much natural sunlight to fall upon the cranberries.

    Cranberry Health Benefits

    With the beneficial anthocyanins, it can provide unique antioxidant. Besides, it is also helpful as an anti-inflammatory.

    The recent studies suggest that cranberries will give optimum benefits if consumed by the extract. So, the liquid and dried supplements of cranberries are not as beneficial as the extracts.

    In addition, the supplement containing the extract of cranberry will help to protect the cardiovascular system.

    It is also helpful to protect our liver. As a regular part of the diet, cranberry can show benefits as anti-cancer.

    Cranberry for Our Beauty

    Cranberry is a fruit that is rich in antioxidants. Besides the blackberry and acai berry, cranberry is in the top rank.

    The antioxidant content will be great to fight against free radicals. The damage of cellular structure and DNA will be prevented well as people consume cranberry regularly.

    In addition, cranberry is also helpful in providing a good digestion improvement. It means dieters will need to include cranberry in their diet menu. In addition, cranberry has the tasty flavor.

    Asians and Mediterranean people have been consuming cranberry for ages as the dessert menu.  It is preferred not only for the delicious flavor and nutrients but also for the digestive benefits.

    Cranberry is high in vitamin C

    Even commoners will say that cranberry is rich in vitamin C due to the acidity. Cranberry has high nutrients. Besides, it also has high fiber that is essential for weight loss.

    How much do we have to eat cranberry?

    How much do we have to eat cranberry
    Photo by Newspakistan.tv

    Cranberry is one of the super foods that we need to consume regularly. Based on the professional’s suggestion, we have to consume 5-10 servings of fruits and vegetables. Combining foods, fruits, and vegetables will likely to give better health benefits.

    Cranberry size is small in size and weight. We need to consume a cup of cranberry for a good benefit. It will be around 100 grams. It means, we have to consume 100-15- berries. It contains 46 calories and it will good for a diet. The GI is low as well.

    How Cranberries Grow

    How Cranberries Grow
    Photo by Cranberrybogtours.com

    The most beautiful cranberry field is in Southeastern Massachusetts. It is 14,000 acres cranberry bogs that are the workplaces of almost 400 cranberry farmers. It is the heritage of the Commonwealth families.

    The countryside of New England looks stunning thanks to the cranberry fields. Now, let’s learn how to grow cranberries.

    Cranberry is definitely a unique fruit that grows under some special factors. This berry requires acid peat soil.

    In addition, it needs a sufficient fresh water supply. The growing season starts from April to November.

    Cranberry best grows on some layered including with sand, gravel, clay, and peat. In a commercial or industrial plantation, the bogs utilize a system of wetlands, ditches, ponds, and uplands. Water bodies provide a natural habitat and good place for berries.

    Cranberry is a Native American fruit. It grows well on a wetland of trailing vines. The cultivation is similar to strawberry.

    Wetlands are nature’s sponge that stores and purifies water. With the beds layered with peat, gravel, or sand, cranberry can grow optimally.

    The layers are then called bogs. The layers are healthy because it is originally a glacial deposit from 10,000 years ago.

    Let’s Learn the Cranberry Basics

    Learn the Cranberry Basics
    Photo by Thepioneerwoman.com

    Cranberries are available from October through December. So, we can get fresh cranberry this month. However, there are always frozen cranberries in stock at some supermarkets.

    How to check good quality cranberry?

    It is great to look for bright color. Besides, we need to pick the cranberries that are firm. We need to avoid cranberry bags that have brown fruits at the bottom.

    In order to keep it fresh, we have to store it in the original packaging in the fridge. That can last for up to two weeks. Or we can keep in the freezer for one-year storage.

    Before processing the cranberries, we have to rinse them. If they are frozen, we do not have to thaw them before cooking.

    Cranberry Sauce Recipe

    Cranberry Sauce Recipe
    Photo by Simplyrecipes.com

    After finding the fresh cranberries, we can now make a delicious sauce with it.

    The Compositions:

    • Fresh cranberries: 4 cups
    • Water: 1.5 cups
    • Cloves: 5 pieces
    • Allspice berries: 5 whole
    • Cinnamon sticks: 3
    • White sugar: 2 cups


    • Fry the fresh cranberries and water in a saucepan over medium heat.
    • Put cloves, allspice berries, and the cinnamon sticks in a spice bag and then put all in the cranberries.
    • Cook for 10 minutes and wait for the cranberries to burst.
    • Stir the sugar. Don’t forget to reduce the heat. Continue stirring for 5 minutes or more for dissolving the white sugar. After that, remove the heat. After discarding the spice bag, we have to put the sauce in the fridge. We have to keep it overnight or at least 8 hours before serving the sauce.
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    The Facts and Benefits of Acai Berry, the Super Food

    Benefits of Acai Berry

    Ideberries – Nature provides excellent foods that are crucial for human bodies. Besides, superfoods are available to support nutrition demands.

    There are times that the world underestimates some foods only due to the unpopularity. Therefore, it is necessary for us to learn some super foods so we can obtain great benefits from them.

    One of the super foods that we should know is Acai Berry. This is a revolutionary diet nutrient that gives countless benefit for weight loss.

    What is Acai Berry?

    Acai Berry Tree

    Acai Berry is the fruit of Acai Palm tree. It is a small and round fruit with 1 inch in circumference. The color is black-purple. At a glance, the fruit looks similar to grapes. However, Acai berry is normally smaller.

    The color of black-purple is the typical fruit that contains a high antioxidant. The Brazilian Amazon even regards this fruit as the most important food of the forest.

    This is so because Acai Berry is the main food supply for their society. It is an essential part of their diet.

    Acai Berry has been a huge hit in the nutrition world. It made a headline as one of the most nutritious and healthiest food in the universe. Besides for weight loss, Acai berry is also good for anti-aging and many more.

    Based on the claims and advertisement, Acai berry is powerful for diet. However, we need to reveal the truth through a reliable source.

    According to scientists, Acai Berry contains antioxidants. It has been long known that antioxidants can protect cells from harmful molecules in the human bodies.

    Free radicals can be solved easily with the antioxidants substance.

    Diet advisors and nutritionists suggest that Acai Berry can actually help to prevent heart disease. Besides, Acai Berry is useful to fight against cancer.

    Yet, is it true that Acai Berry is a super food that can help people to lose their weight? Well, David Grotto, RD, the author of 101 Foods That Could Save Your Life said that there is no magical food that can cause weight loss.

    Instead, it is a good to have a good diet package with sufficient exercise for a successful weight loss program.

    Healthy berries are the good diet menus for the nutritious content.

    The Amazon is the origin of this super food. For centuries, Acai Berry is included as healing food. Besides, it stimulates immune.

    For some reasons, this berry is a good diet food because of its energy-boosting effect. There are still many advantages of Acai Berry that we need to know. Here is the list.

    The Health Benefits of Acai Berry

    acai berry benefits

    Healthy for Our Heart

    Our heart is the essential body organ that needs healthy supplement. We have to consume healthy foods and do regular exercise for keeping it healthy.

    We need to consume foods with high fiber and antioxidant such as red wine. Besides, Acai Berries are the best options. Acai berry is rich with anthocyanins.

    The food will be helpful to make cholesterol levels balanced. Besides, it supports human bodies in relaxing the blood vessels. Blood circulation and good blood compositions will be obtained with Acai Berry.

    Diet supplements

    We have heard about it through the advertisements. Some diet pills with the extract of Acai Berry is claimed to give good results.

    With a diet method, the diet pills of Acai Berry can help to reduce the weight. However, it is more essential to maintain healthy weight.

    A research showed one interesting fact about it. Acai Berry is proven to be effective to reduce fat deposits. However, this fact depends on the bodies and metabolic function.

    Acai Berry for Healthier Skin

    Acai berry is that useful for health, inside and outside. Acai oil is a good alternative of skin care products. Remember that it is rich of Antioxydant that is useful as anti-aging agent. Orally, the oil can provide healthy skin that is glowing.

    Promotes Better Digestion

    One reason why Acai Berry is so popular for diet is its ability to help improving digestion.

    When the digestion system is clean and functional, dieter can reduce weight a lot better. Besides, it is necessary that dieters do the detoxification for optimizing dietary fiber.

    Other berries can do the same function.

    Improves Respiratory Health

    Acai Berry is essential for both hearts and lungs. Consuming Acai Berry is proven to be useful to prevent irritation in the lungs. In addition, respiratory distress and swelling in the lungs can be reduced with Acai Berry.

    Immunity Boosters

    Anthocyanins in Acai Berry can help protecting the cells in human bodies. In addition, it can keep the cell stronger. That makes it possible to boost the human immunity.

    The invasion of free radicals will be blocked with this super berry. Besides, the extract of Acai Berry contains polyphenolic that can reduce the damaged cells up to 86%.

    Acai Berry can also help preventing cell mutation.

    Anti-Aging Impacts.

    Of course, the antioxidant inside Acai Berry can help reducing the effects of bad pollution to the skin and human bodies.

    The aging process might slow down with Acai Berry. Even, the berry can reverse the aging processes.

    Antioxidants inside Acai Berry are ten times compared to the content in grapes. Blueberry is also rich with antioxidant. Yet, it is only half portion of the contents on Acai Berry.

    Besides improving physical health, Acai Berry is a good food that can improve mental health. It can boost energy as well as encouraging libido improvements.

    So, Acai Berries are not only awesome for the ladies but also for men.

    People who suffer from fatigue can try consuming Acai Berry. It can improve stamina.

    We can eat a handful of Acai berries and look the results in no time.

    Calories Contents in Acai Berry

    In one ounce of Acai Berry, the calory is only 30.0. Meanwhile, the carbohydrate is only 4 grams. So, yes it is a good diet food.

    In conclusion, Acai Berry is a super food that can help maintaining our health. Not only for weight loss, Acai Berry is also essential for various health benefits.

    However, it is also necessary that people consume healthy and balance diet with good life style in order to obtain the aforementioned benefits.

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    DIY Starbucks berry hibiscus recipe

    Starbucks berry hibiscus recipe

    Ideberries.com – It must be something awesome to drink anything fresh and cool with extra healthy side effect drinking such as berry herbal but wait for a moment? I hate medicine. It okay, I have a lot of suggestion to enjoy drinking herbal elixir with funny ways.

    Starbuck Berry Hibiscus Recipe will be the best way to enjoy a hibiscus and berry herbal drinking. I suggest to make it by yourself than just go out to Starbucks and spend tens dollar just for drink, and why you have to pay more if can do it by yourself.

    Starbucks berry hibiscus Ingredients

    The first you should do is preparing all of ingredients to make your own herbal, it takes a little bit more cost than just buy it in Starbuck but you can made a gallon of Starbucks berry hibiscus than just a glass in Starbuck. Here the Ingredients:

    1. Berry Refresher Base
    2. Green Coffee Extract
    3. Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
    4. Freeze-dried Blackberries
    5. Ice
    6. Water,
    7. White Grape Juice Concentrate
    8. Extract coffee
    9. Ginger (additional to enjoy it a winter time)


    Just mix all of the ingredient in proportional size except the Ascorbic Acid. If wish something sweeter, just add more sugar into your delicious drink.

    Considering about your stomach when adding a few size of extract coffee. Robusta coffee will give bitter flavor than Arabica Coffee but it safe to your stomach.

    Starbucks berry hibiscus benefits

    Starbucks berry hibiscus benefits

    As good as another herbal, Starbucks berry hibiscus has a lot of benefits to your healthy such contain more fiber to solve any of your digestion system problem and also has a high antioxidant which is gained form Ascorbic Acid.

    The Ginger is very good for give a strong sensation to your coffee as the any frozen tea.

    Read also: Quick And Easy Goji Berry Dessert Recipes

    It also suggested to add some cranberry and apple juice to improve it delicious taste and cut down the level of ginger flavor.

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    Some Kind of Berry Fruit Types and its Healthy Benefits

    Berry Fruit Types

    Berry Fruit Types  – A small and sweet fruit which can grown massively in the wild, Beery actually has lot of kind and types. However, we already known some kind of popular berry such as Strawberry, Blackberry, Blackcurrant, and Elderberry.

    There are a lot of kind of berry which also has many benefits to human healthiness and fitness. As your basic information, here Some Kind of Berry Fruit Types and Its Healthy Benefits.


    Bearberry Fruit

    Bearberry has a great antioxidant and biological effect to the bacteria. This effect may reveals by using a plant extract.

    The research discovered an antimicrobial activity during the extraction of ethanol on the Bearberry Extraction which known as Arctostaphylos UVA-Ursi.

    Extraction body plant especially was taken from Bearberry leafs which contained 25 kinds of bacterium. There was 550 nm of observation wavelength to analyze the ability of Bearberry extract to the healing.


    Bearberry Fruit

    Barberry has an ability to heal intestine worm inflammation, anticonvulsant, and sedative effect.

    Modern medical found that Barberry Extract has effect as Anesthesia drugs in which injected to the subcutaneous area.

    Barberry extract also help the cell again Vulgaris Bacteria which cause of inflammation.


    Crowberry Fruit

    Crowberry widely are found in the subarctic regions which is really important to the Inuit and the Sami Clans live.

    It was exiting when the Inuit and Sami Clans exploits Crowberry population by using them as a herbal and traditional medication but after that, Crowberry grown widely once more.

    Crowberry has a high concentration of pigment which use by human as a natural coloring raw.

    Crowberry also known as Tanaina which was harvested a food, winter saving food and the Sami and The Inuit sometimes consume with a meal and fat.

    Barberry harvesting time commonly is in fall season.

    It can storage and consume during the winter and springs season. The Inuit, American native clans, mixed it with Blueberry to improve their recipe and cooking taste such as cake and muffins.

    The Inuit also made jelly by Crowberry extract. The others benefits of the Crowberry Plant are Diarrhea healing drugs. Dean’ina healing ability comes from Crowberry Stem and Leafs.


    Blue-Elderberry Fruit

    Blue-Elderberry tree is larger than original Blueberry tree. Its high rich in almost 4 meter with hard wooden stem tree.

    Blue-Elderberry has a high antioxidant which is helped human detoxification system and also digestion system.

    Bleu-Elderberry juice is good to your diet program which help you lose a large number of cholesterol and fat.


    Gooseberry Fruit

    Gooseberry (Indian: Amla) has a lot of benefits to the human health. Indian native clans use it as hair tonic to keep their hair black and strong. For your further information, Gooseberry benefits are:

    • Applying a mixed of almond oil and extract of Gooseberry is a natural hair and scrap nutrition.
    • Extract gooseberry also able to use as natural hair conditioner to wash your hair. You may also add egg and lemon to use it an antidandruff.


    Strawberry Fruit

    Strawberry is the most popular within the Berries in the world. It popularity comes from it healthy and delicious taste which love both adult and kids.

    The other popularity comes from its red color and shape which very colorful and beautiful. Strawberry is no single fruit but consist of a lot fruit which known as plural fruit. The strawberry benefits are:

    • Strawberry helps you to reduces the cholesterol
    • Strawberry fights again cancer cell
    • Strawberry contains an anti-allergy and anti-inflammation chemical
    • 7 Strawberry a day help you to protect your condition and healthiness. Those contain more antioxidant than the average green vegetable.
    • Strawberry is rich of vitamin C and sweet but save for diabetes suspect.
    • Strawberry also has enough fiber to your diet program and digestion system.
    • Strawberry has a backing soda effect which able to make your teeth be white.
    • Strawberry has an effect of astringent


    Blackberry Fruit

    Blackberry is one of famous berry which able to eat directly or to make it juice. All of American native clans use all of Blackberry plant part as a traditional medicine and herbal.

    Blackberry roots also used as a salad and Blackberry extract is able to use as jelly and jam ingredient. Blackberry root has effect of diuretic, tonic, depurative, diarrhea and dysentery medicine.

    Oregon Grape

    Oregon Grape Fruit

    A native Hindustani use Oregon grape effect as a Dyspepsia medicine. This plants was used widely by Indian native indigenous medical practitioner.

    Several Oregon grape essence are bacterium resisted and act such a natural antibiotic to your healthiness and fitness.

    Oregon grape are generally reduce the inflammation effect on the surface skin, diuretic, and tonic.

    Lingon berry

    Lingonberry Fruit

    North America native plant also found in Euro and Asia. This crawl plant also resistant to extreme temperature condition such as in North Pole Area and alpine mountain.

    A mature Lingon Berry fruit has a dark color, strong smell and sour taste.

    Lingon berry contain a lot of Iron for your blood production and also rich of polyphenol as a natural antioxidant.


    Blackcurrant Fruit

    The richest of Vitamin C berry is Blackcurrant which contains 302 % of daily vitamin C for every 100 gram of blackcurrant.

    Vitamin C and Antioxidant in Blackcurrant protects your body from radical, air pollution, Virus infection and flu.

    Blackcurrant also contains a lot of kind Vitamin such as B1, B2, B3, B5, Vitamin B6, Calcium, phosphorous, zinc, potassium and iron which keep your fitness 24 hour x 7 day a weeks. 100 grams of Blackcurrant a day keep you away from doctor.


    Hackberry Fruit

    Different with all berry, Hackberry has a very elastic stem and dry condition resistance. Hackberry use in Korea, Japan and China as Bonsai three which can survive in extreme condition.

    China Hackberry, also known as China sinensis, very popular in Korea as bonsai plant. Hackberry has a very smelly flower which attract honey bee and product a great quality of Honey.


    Nannyberry Fruit

    Nannyberry rich of Viburnum which were used in America as traditional herbal and medicine. Nannyberry has a great and delicious taste with a little sweet fills that make it popular.

    Nannyberry a little bit rare because its lower popularity than other berry so people prefers to plant another berry kind such as Strawberry, Blackcurrant, Blueberry, Elderberry and Gooseberry.


    Cranberry Fruit

    Cranberry is the famous berry which all of its product are used to produce juice, only 5 % of its product directly sell as fresh fruit.

    Fresh cranberry fruit has bit and acid taste that the reason why people prefers consume it in juice and jam.

    Cranberry also able to be jelly ingredient, give extra sugar for more sweet taste is the most common serving suggestion.

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    What is a Garden Goji Berry / Wolfberry?


    Ideberries.com – Have you ever heard about goji berries before? What is a garden goji berry ? Where do goji berries grow well? The goji berry plant information in this content will give you a buttressed view greatly. This plant is as well called the wolfberry.

    The goji berry is a fruit that emanates from the family called Lycium barbarium. It is related to tomato, eggplant and chili pepper. With health professionals, the goji berry has become more popular.

    The goji berry is confirmed a well-known ingredient in local Chinese tonics. Nevertheless, there are currently made and boiled into herbal tea and marketed to users. Is your quest for why goji berries are currently popular? With the comprehensive details in this article, you will find out why goji berries are now popular.

    Helps To Boost Your Immune System:

    Do you know that the immune system remains one of the most crucial parts of the body? The immune system protects you from disease, infection and other harmful negations occurring out of your body.

    Your organs will start to shut down without an effective immune system. Even the processes you depend on for life will eventually stop functioning without an effective immune system. From the goji berry plant information, you will discover that these wonders can help to increase your immune system efficiently.

    With goji berries, your body will get a dose of Physaline, which is an essential enzyme. Physaline remains a crucial ascorbic acid that many people do not have enough in their food. Eating sufficient goji berries will help to fight against harmful bacteria and diseases in the body.

    Improves Your Memory

    Goji berries can help enhance your brain memory and health by providing you with a dose of betaine. Goji berries remain the right snack when revising if you are a scholar looking to enhance your memory for studies.

    For an older person’s diet, goji berries remain the perfect addition. Goji berries will simply help to enhance your brain activity and as well keep older people from developing Alzheimer’s disease.

    Reduces Inflammation And Protects Against Some Cancers

    Studies have revealed that it may be difficult to stop cancer. However, there are other ways that can help in minimizing some cancers. The goji berry plant information makes it clear that your cancers can be reduced by using wolfberry.

    Incorporating goji berries in your diet will help to reduce the negative effects of cancer. With the huge amount of antioxidants and the phenolics in the berry, cancers will be greatly reduced.

    By improving enzymes, the berries will as well help your immune system. These berries aid to protect against diseases with cancer included. The core component of goji berries called phenolics will help to drastically minimize inflammation in any area of your body.

    The component is used in health medicines and products. The compound has an anti-inflammatory features that aid cancer reduction and lowers inflammation quickly. Whether it’s an inflammation or burn around your joints, a dose of goji berries can help to eliminate or reduce the pain quickly.

    Maintains A Healthy Heart And Used As Super Foods

    By boosting your immune system, goji berries promote a healthy body and heart. It will help you sleep better and protect against diseases. As super foods, goji berries will give you sound sleep at nights and feel much more refreshed while awake. The more you sleep the better your immune system becomes. In fact, you will be healthy to handle the next day work when making use of goji berries on a daily basis.

    On this note, it is important to incorporate these berries into your diet. These days, people should be worried about their heart. The foods that people consume on a regular basis contain more sugar and fat. It is expedient to know that more fat and sugar in your diet remains a great health mistake. With goji berries, your blood and heart are highly protected.

    Goji berries are rich in iron and can help in the production of blood cells. They help to maintain perfect blood pressure level. Goji berries will reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in your body and blood. With the help of enzyme sesquiterpenoids in goji berries, your heart will be protected.

    You can give it a try now to see how effective goji berries can work for your system. Goji berries promise and promote great health benefits for people. The goji berry plant information in this content will always give the best idea to resolve health issue.




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    Berries Influence the Beauty: Add Berries on Your Beauty Tips!

    Berries Influence the Beauty

    Ideberries.com – Berries are very much important for better health. Berries can influence in reducing the cholesterol and help in preventing diabetes, great sources and cancer for the immunity boosting the vitamin C.

    Beauty companies should be finding similar nutrients to be much helpful in running that better in making the skin glow and no smoothie as required.

    Many of the beauty products can be helpful in using chemicals for easing wrinkles, age spots and sun damage and natural product companies by using berries for getting job done.

    Berries can be full of the building blocks that are rich in nutrients like minerals, vitamins, polyphenols, carotenoids, flavoids, phytochemicals and antioxidant.

    It is about these components of the berries which are much beneficial for skin and are used for the antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties. They may smell really very delicious.

    They can provide richer colors for better cheek colors, lip glosses and lip glosses. Berries for beauty can be a great choice.


    This is the pigment responsible for deep blue, purple and red colors for many plants and it is even found in berried. It is a very powerful antioxidant that can help in mitigating the damage caused by free radicals on skin. It is found in strawberries, raspberries, cranberries, blueberries and blackberries.

    Ellagic Acid

    This is the antioxidant which can protect the skin from damages due to sun and also hinders the formation of those enzymes which can breakdown collagen and elastin in skin. This is the combination which can create a good kind of protection to the skin against any kind of wrinkles.

    It is something that is found in the strawberries, raspberries, cranberries and blackberries. It is found in almost all the berries and so your skin get the glow and the same freshness in spite of you traveling or going too much out in sun.

    This is something that is going to make much good effect to your skin. There is no need for you to worry about sun burns or tanning after you start making use of berries as a beauty care element. Berries for beauty can make things look great for you.

    Essential Fatty Acids

    This is really a crucial element in the general health and can improve the hydration of the skin as well as smoothness. It can even reduce inflammation of the skin. It is very common for people to have inflammation with age.

    Making use of berries can provide you with a great benefit in this aspect. It can make your skin to have better hydration and also can improve the smoothness of it. These characteristics are found all the various kinds of berries available like strawberries, cranberries, blueberries, blackberries etc. It can really be so much helpful for the ones who are getting aged and the berries can in a way delay the process of aging.

    Vitamin C

    Vitamin C is present in berries in abundance and it can help the skin to be protected out of free radicals. It can easily get the skin hydrated and also can increase elastin and collagen levels.

    It is found in goji berries, strawberries, cranberries, cranberries, blueberries, blackberries and elderberries.

    The free radicals can make your skin get aged and make it dull. The presence of Vitamin C can help your fight with the aging process of skin.

    Things to Do with Berries

    There is no need for you to buy any products that include berries in it but there are so many things that you can try by yourself without spending much amount of time as well as money.

    You can make an anti aging mask with handful of mash up raspberries by using a spoonful of the honey.

    This can be applied to clean skin and leave for 20 minutes before rinsing it off. You can make a hand and foot mask with blueberries, raspberries and strawberries mashed up in kefir in blender.

    This can be applied to feet and hands. You can then wash that off after 15 minutes for good results.


    Berries are the best things that you can rely in for enhancing your beauty. They can be easily available and cheaper compared to many products that you get in the market for your beauty.

    Getting hold of some berries can make you beautiful. Berries for beauty makes you lovely.

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