Raspberry Tea Benefits
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Raspberry Tea Health Benefits – Raspberry Tea Drinking are really recommended for your daily drinking. Raspberry healthy drinking has a lot of natural nutrition for your body and Skin. It contains of enough size of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Calcium, Flavonoid and Antioxidant as your daily nutrition. It is also recommended to change your original tea drinking due to less caffeine on raspberry tea leafs so it save to consume every day.

Why we should drink Raspberry tea leaf?

As it names, Raspberry leafs it a traditional herbal tea which is taken form Raspberry leaf. It just popular by its benefit on your healthy, pregnant, and for women natural anti-aging agent. Raspberry leafs has an anti-oxidant super-agent and really fast to absorb to your body.

Naturally, its contains Potassium, Iron, magnesium, Vitamin B and Acetic acid. Those nutrition has an advantages for decrease the effect of queasy, cramps and sleep disturbance on pregnant time. It also helps reproduction system for women and strange belly and hip muscle.

Relaxation Tea – The other advantages of Raspberry tea leaves is a natural anti-toxic which can give a relaxation nutrition form internal and external. Raspberry tea helps your body to absorb morning-sunlight for Vitamin D absorption, Exim and gums. It also reduces gingivitis effect-rate. Concentration of high Vitamin C level in Raspberry tea leaves effect gums inflamed and decrease it hurt-rate.

Many women claimed that Raspberry tea leaves help them to reduce menstruation pain, endometriosis and help them during pregnant time to reduce nauseous feeling. It also really helpful at trimester pregnant period but to keep it sure, Consulting to the doctor always be advised.

Rose Herbal Mountain Research Tim Report
Raspberry tea leafs has been widely used long time ago as traditional medicine for reducing the effect of sprue, clod, gingivitis, influenza. Pregnant women also use it for reducing morning sickness, anemia, cramps, diarrhea and uterus relaxation drinking. In contrast to this claims, research finding the result of Raspberry tea leaves composition has no effect on them.

This result are published on Midwifery and women healthy Journal in 2001. More than result, they also found negative effect of Raspberry tea leafs consumption that reduce the Mom pregnant power and only a little nutrition will be absorb by the baby.

They report it on Australian College of Midwives Journal. Another report was found by Natural Pharmacist association  that Raspberry tea leaves has no effect on pregnant women and also increase the probability of premature birth, Caesar birthing and forceps.

Raspberry Leaf Tea Leaves Serving Suggestion

The most popular way to consume Raspberry is Raspberry Tea Leaves. It is better to drink it cool at summer and drink it hot at winter. 1 sheet of Nettle leafs and 4 sheet of Raspberry leafs are suggested for pregnant mom. A jar of 1 Peppermint leaf and 4 Raspberry leafs drink is good to reduce loath filling for pregnant mom. It is also recommended to consume that drinking maximum 3 glass per day.

Raspberry drinking is healthier then original tea drinking because Raspberry leafs contain less caffeine. You may also drink it as relaxation drinking at night and do no worry about sleep disturbance at same way you drink original tea at night.

Raspberry tea serving directions

Pour 8 ounce of boiling water into 1 spoon of Raspberry leafs. Stir it until mixed and wait for it 5 minutes. Drink raspberry tea leaf drinking as a regular tea. I sometimes store a gallon of Raspberry tea solution into refrigerator and keep it for a week.

It help me to drink and serve it anytime I want without waiting for Raspberry leafs dissolved into boiling water every process. You just need to mix it ¾ part of Raspberry tea solution into ¼ cup of boiling water and then stir it until mixed. Adding some ice to serve it cool also recommended.

Tips: Keep the Raspberry tea bottle storage closed after use and do not store it more than a week. Also take a concern to it smell due to refrigerator condition.


  1. Raspberry tea leafs is save for pregnant women. Premature birthing of Raspberry consumption cast is never found but it is always suggested to consul it to your doctor.
  2. Raspberry teal leafs is save for diabetes accusative but it also recommend to drink with low-carbo sugar or sugar free.
  3. Beware of cutting tea leafs when get it from wild or your garden. Several part of Raspberry are poisonous such a root and stem. Always consider everything when you want to try another recipe of Raspberry.

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