The Best Way to Store Strawberries; The Easy Steps to Keep the Berries Fresh

Best Way to Store Strawberries – The fresh strawberries will give excellent benefits. The health benefits will remain optimal as the fruits fresh. Also, we need to store them well so the taste will keep delicious.

When we have the abundant harvest of strawberries, we will usually have many ideas in mind. We can make strawberry pies with the crunchy and delicious flavor. Besides, we can create several jars of jams or sauce out of strawberries.

Also, we will love to serve fresh strawberries at any time for our families. However, strawberries are available only for a short time.

The Best Way to Store Strawberries

The best way to store strawberries will safe the pretty fruits. Therefore, it is necessary that we learn how to store the strawberries well. We have to freeze them properly.

With the right methods of storing, we can keep our strawberry fresh all year long. There are various ways of storing strawberry that we can follow:

Don’t Wash the Strawberries

We should not wash the strawberries if we are to store them in the fridge. The surface of strawberries is like sponges. Thus, they will soak up moisture a lot.

When we expose the strawberries to water, the fruits will get spoil soon. No matter what methods we use, the strawberries will get rotten quickly if we wash them before storing.

Yet, we plan to store in the freezer, we can wash them initially. Yet, the strawberries will get too icy if we soak them so they absorb excessive moisture.

Sort the Strawberries

Another way to keep strawberry fresh is to sort the harvest. We have to remove the moldy strawberries right away.

Mold easily spread and thus we need to keep the moldy strawberries as we find one. Whether we get the strawberries from the market or our own garden, sorting is an essential way to do before storing them.

If we store good strawberries and moldy strawberries together, they will rotten in no time.

Only one strawberry will spoil the whole basket of the strawberries. Therefore, when buying them in stores, we need to be really selective.

We have to pick the freshest ones. The brightest strawberries will be the best selections to choose from. If we harvest them, we have to place the strawberries on a clean surface.

After that, we can sort them by seeing the colors. We must not touch them too much since we need to keep the surface clean and smooth to store them well.

Storing Strawberries at Room Temperature

We can store the strawberries at room temperature only if we want to eat them in a few hours.

If we want to use the strawberries in a recipe in a few hours, we do not have to store them in the fridge or freezer.

Besides, we need to only store them at the room temperature if we are serving them as a snack for lunch or dinner.

We need to keep them at room temperature in order to keep the excellent taste.

How to Select the Container

The best way to store strawberries will result well as we pick the right containers for the berries.

If we buy them in the market, we should remove the plastic bag right away. The plastic container they came in is not good as well.

We will usually get a plastic box package for an ideal storage when buying them from the store. Yet, the containers are ideal containers to store them for a long period of time.

We need to use a good quality Tupperware for keeping the strawberries fresh. Plastic containers with excellent quality will not let any air. That way, the strawberries will not spoil fast.

How to Optimize Tupperware Containers for Strawberries

Storing the fruits in Tupperware is a good idea. First of all, we have to remove the fruits from the original containers. We can place them in a clean container first.

After that, we need to line the container that we want to use with tissue paper or paper towels.

That method can absorb excess moisture from the strawberries. We need to keep some space inside the container.

It means we should never crowd the container. It is fine if we use several containers for our abundant berries. We do not use the seal if we have a good fridge to keep the strawberries fresh.

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