Cranberries: Cranberry Basics, Nutrition Facts, and Recipes

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Ideberries – Cranberry is part of evergreen dwarf shrubs. It is from the genus of Vaccinium. The cranberry is wildly cultivated in central and northern Europe.

In Canada, US, and Chile, cranberry is also popular. In North America, cranberry is classified into Vaccinium Macrocarpon.

It is a good quality cranberry that is qualified for juice and cocktail. Meanwhile, in the European countries, the cranberry is smaller and has anthocyanin pigment profiles.

Besides, the European version is a little bit different in terms of the quinic, citric acid, and malic. In European countries, cranberry is popular as English mossberry.

Here are some facts of cranberry that we need to learn:

Cranberry Nutrition Facts
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Cranberry for Preventing UTIs

It has been long known that cranberry is an essential food that can help reduce the risk of urinary tract infections or UTIs.

Scientists suggested that it is the acidity of cranberries that can help prevent UTIs. However, it is the proanthocyanidins that can prevent the UTIs.

Cranberry Cultivation

Cranberries are water-harvested. Farmers grow it in bogs. The plants float in water for easy harvesting. It has been preferred by industries because of the convenience. Besides, scientists suggest another method of cultivation.

The more recent science shows that it is better to give the berries direct proportion of natural sunlight.

Exposing the plants to the sun will improve the phytonutrients (the substance that gives the red color). With the strong exposure to sunlight, cranberry will provide greater concentrations of anthocyanins.

In other words, to grow the cranberry with water-harvesting method means to produce cranberry with better health benefit. Yet, the method should allow much natural sunlight to fall upon the cranberries.

Cranberry Health Benefits

With the beneficial anthocyanins, it can provide unique antioxidant. Besides, it is also helpful as an anti-inflammatory.

The recent studies suggest that cranberries will give optimum benefits if consumed by the extract. So, the liquid and dried supplements of cranberries are not as beneficial as the extracts.

In addition, the supplement containing the extract of cranberry will help to protect the cardiovascular system.

It is also helpful to protect our liver. As a regular part of the diet, cranberry can show benefits as anti-cancer.

Cranberry for Our Beauty

Cranberry is a fruit that is rich in antioxidants. Besides the blackberry and acai berry, cranberry is in the top rank.

The antioxidant content will be great to fight against free radicals. The damage of cellular structure and DNA will be prevented well as people consume cranberry regularly.

In addition, cranberry is also helpful in providing a good digestion improvement. It means dieters will need to include cranberry in their diet menu. In addition, cranberry has the tasty flavor.

Asians and Mediterranean people have been consuming cranberry for ages as the dessert menu.  It is preferred not only for the delicious flavor and nutrients but also for the digestive benefits.

Cranberry is high in vitamin C

Even commoners will say that cranberry is rich in vitamin C due to the acidity. Cranberry has high nutrients. Besides, it also has high fiber that is essential for weight loss.

How much do we have to eat cranberry?

How much do we have to eat cranberry
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Cranberry is one of the super foods that we need to consume regularly. Based on the professional’s suggestion, we have to consume 5-10 servings of fruits and vegetables. Combining foods, fruits, and vegetables will likely to give better health benefits.

Cranberry size is small in size and weight. We need to consume a cup of cranberry for a good benefit. It will be around 100 grams. It means, we have to consume 100-15- berries. It contains 46 calories and it will good for a diet. The GI is low as well.

How Cranberries Grow

How Cranberries Grow
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The most beautiful cranberry field is in Southeastern Massachusetts. It is 14,000 acres cranberry bogs that are the workplaces of almost 400 cranberry farmers. It is the heritage of the Commonwealth families.

The countryside of New England looks stunning thanks to the cranberry fields. Now, let’s learn how to grow cranberries.

Cranberry is definitely a unique fruit that grows under some special factors. This berry requires acid peat soil.

In addition, it needs a sufficient fresh water supply. The growing season starts from April to November.

Cranberry best grows on some layered including with sand, gravel, clay, and peat. In a commercial or industrial plantation, the bogs utilize a system of wetlands, ditches, ponds, and uplands. Water bodies provide a natural habitat and good place for berries.

Cranberry is a Native American fruit. It grows well on a wetland of trailing vines. The cultivation is similar to strawberry.

Wetlands are nature’s sponge that stores and purifies water. With the beds layered with peat, gravel, or sand, cranberry can grow optimally.

The layers are then called bogs. The layers are healthy because it is originally a glacial deposit from 10,000 years ago.

Let’s Learn the Cranberry Basics

Learn the Cranberry Basics
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Cranberries are available from October through December. So, we can get fresh cranberry this month. However, there are always frozen cranberries in stock at some supermarkets.

How to check good quality cranberry?

It is great to look for bright color. Besides, we need to pick the cranberries that are firm. We need to avoid cranberry bags that have brown fruits at the bottom.

In order to keep it fresh, we have to store it in the original packaging in the fridge. That can last for up to two weeks. Or we can keep in the freezer for one-year storage.

Before processing the cranberries, we have to rinse them. If they are frozen, we do not have to thaw them before cooking.

Cranberry Sauce Recipe

Cranberry Sauce Recipe
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After finding the fresh cranberries, we can now make a delicious sauce with it.

The Compositions:

  • Fresh cranberries: 4 cups
  • Water: 1.5 cups
  • Cloves: 5 pieces
  • Allspice berries: 5 whole
  • Cinnamon sticks: 3
  • White sugar: 2 cups


  • Fry the fresh cranberries and water in a saucepan over medium heat.
  • Put cloves, allspice berries, and the cinnamon sticks in a spice bag and then put all in the cranberries.
  • Cook for 10 minutes and wait for the cranberries to burst.
  • Stir the sugar. Don’t forget to reduce the heat. Continue stirring for 5 minutes or more for dissolving the white sugar. After that, remove the heat. After discarding the spice bag, we have to put the sauce in the fridge. We have to keep it overnight or at least 8 hours before serving the sauce.

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