Tips and Crucial Procedure on Goji Berry Plant Care

Goji Berry Plant Care
Photo by – We have heard a lot about goji berry efficacies for health and beauty. The berries are the precious natural elements for our diet. So, it will be a brilliant idea to grow the goji berries in our own garden. However, it will not be an easy matter. Even when we are succeeded in the starting level of growing berries, we still need to learn a lot. We have to know the right procedure for Goji berry plant care.

Cooking goji berry juices and smoothies will taste the best as we use fresh berries. Therefore, we need to start growing the berries. We do not have to use much time and a large area of a plantation to start it. The dense nutrient of berries will be right in our kitchen as we have the berry in our garden.

Here are some basic elements to prepare for planting goji berries:

  1. Goji berry seeds
  2. Growing media and area. The area should be outdoors or opened pots. Goji berry requires sufficient sun for at least 6 hours a day. It will be good if we can provide 8 hours sun exposure every day.
  3. Well-drained soil. Also, we need to make sure that the soil is organically rich.
  4. We will need to wait and take care of the plants for 2-3 years before bearing.

So, indeed it will be the hard work that needs patience. Besides, we will need to use an extra careful treatment before harvesting the precious goji berries.

Goji Berry Seeds

We can actually grow the seeds of goji berries that we get directly from the fruits. Yet, it is better to buy high-quality seeds with strong resistance in the market. The best goji berry seeds should be shade-dried.

To Pot or in the Soil?

If we live in warm or hot areas, we can plant the berries directly outdoor. Meanwhile, we can grow the berries in pots if we live in a colder area. All spaces will be good as long as they have enough sunlight. Besides, we need to be sure that trees, buildings, or fences will not block the sunlight.

The berries look beautiful as an ornament. So, we can even grow them in decorative pots. If we decide to grow the seeds on our lawn, we have to make patches and remove the grass initially.

How to plant the goji berry seeds?

We have to plant the seeds after the last frost of the year. Bury the seed half an inch down in the soil. We must keep the soil moist. Besides, we have to make sure that the mulch does not cover the seeds.

Regular watering is needed. We have to water the seeds deeply to keep the roots stay in the safe distance with the surface. When the germination phase comes, we need to mulch the soil at least 3 inches deep.

Goji Berry Plant Care

The key to a successful goji berry cultivation is the treatments and care that we provide. For instance, we have to keep the soil rich organically. We can use manure on top of the soil.

Next, we have to be sure that the soil is well-drained. The organic compounds such as compost, vermiculite, and rotted manure are the essential factor of healthy goji berries.

The nutrients of goji berries should be grown naturally. So, we must not use chemical fertilizers. We have to keep it healthy natural while preserving the good conditions of the soil.

Most the time, we get the wrong knowledge in the fertilizer usage. We often believe that we need to use chemical fertilizer for the best harvest.

That is not true. If we can supply the soil with the organic fertilizers, we do not have to use the chemical. Besides, the reason why we need to grow the goji berries at home is that of the organic reason behind it. So, we have to stick to our basic plan. The priceless nutrients will keep healthy as we avoid using any chemical fertilizers.

If we plant the goji berry seeds in pots, we need to change some of the soil annually. That will keep the seeds healthy.

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Important in Goji Berry Plant Care:

  • Keep the berry plantation with diversity of plants to avoid pests
  • Establish moist soil by giving mulch around the planting beds
  • Water the goji berries every day. The seeds like water but we have to make sure that soil drainages well.

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