How to Freeze Fresh Strawberries without Sugar and with Sweetener

How to Freeze Fresh Strawberries
Photo by – Harvesting strawberries are always fun. We can invite our children to pick the sweet strawberry. The sour-sweet strawberry will be the reward for the joyful activity.

We can enjoy fresh strawberry and frozen strawberry for breakfast and lunch. Besides, we can also slice or crush the strawberry and it them aw.

To dip strawberries with sugar or chocolate will be delicious as well. We can even eat the berries without sugar. We need to learn how to free fresh strawberries before enjoying the pretty berries.

The essential thing after the harvest is not the recipe book. We need to do a proper freezing to maintain the quality of the berries first.

A good method of freezing strawberries will keep the taste well. Sometimes, we do it wrong so the taste becomes sour in no time. Besides, we need to do the right freezing method in order to keep the nutritional value of strawberries.

It is true that the color will change into darker color as we thaw the frozen berries. Besides, the texture will be a lot softer. Yet, the taste and nutrition of the berries will be preserved.

How to Freeze Fresh Strawberries

Sometimes, to freeze the strawberries is not so easy. First of all, we have to sort the strawberries. The best strawberries to freeze are the perfect ones. So, we have to choose dark red, fully ripe, and firm strawberries to store.

After that, we need to remove the stems and caps. Next, we have to wash and drain the fruits carefully. We do the washing for a brief period of time because we need to avoid soaking.

Soaking the berries in water will damage the nutrients. Besides, the flavor will not be as delicious if we soak them in water.

After washing the berries, we have to dry them. We can place the berries on towels to remove the water before freezing them.

How to freeze fresh strawberries without sugar?

If we want to freeze the strawberries without sugar, the method will be easy. We need to prepare the good quality container.

We can simply place the berries in a container and store it in the freezer. We have to store it evenly so the berries are not so crowded inside the container. To use bags are not recommended because a plastic bag does not have good quality material.

We need to remove as much air as possible. After that, we can seal the containers. If we have to use a bag, we have to press it well so the extra air will leave the bags.

How to freeze fresh strawberries with sugar?

First of all, we have to slice the strawberries and place them in a bowl. For each strawberry, add a half cup of sugar and stir the sugar until dissolved. We can crush the strawberries or let them be.

Next, we can place the sweetened strawberries into a container. We need to be sure that we seal the container tightly. Now, we can put the container in the freezer.

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With good quality container and stable freezer, we will be able to keep the strawberries delicious. Even after the strawberry season is over, we can still create some delicious menus with the frozen berries.

Strawberries are delicious as a cake topping. We can mix it with peanuts and enjoy them in a cup of ice cream. Besides, we can also enjoy the fresh berries with sugar.

Strawberry is a unique fruit after all. Besides the beautiful look and colors, strawberries are very nutritious. It contains low sugar and low calories. So, we can eat strawberries when we are on a weight loss diet program.

We do not have to worry the carbohydrate and sugar intake while eating strawberries. In addition, strawberries are rich in vitamin C.

We will be able to improve our immune systems strength with strawberries. Also, when we catch fever because of influenza, strawberries will be helpful to reduce the symptoms and shorten the illness.

Strawberries are always cute as cake toppers. We can create wonderful pies and black forest cakes with strawberries. Strawberry on the shortcakes will always make our day.

To harvest strawberries from our own garden and freeze them well will give us great happiness and health.

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