How to Make Strawberry Puree; for Tastier Home-Made Desserts

How to Make Strawberry Puree

Strawberry is one of the most nutritious fruits that can look pretty as cake toppers. Besides, we can cook delicious meals with strawberries as the main compositions.

Additionally, strawberry flavor is kids’ favorite. We can thus create many dishes out of strawberries for the kids.

The taste of strawberries is awesome in cakes and beverages. Besides, we can combine strawberries with other fruits to make a health puree.

How to make a strawberry puree?

The puree is a good food for babies who are learning to eat solid foods. The puree texture is perfect for babies. It is not too soft. Therefore, babies can learn how to chew when eating puree.

Besides, it is healthy to give the babies nutritious fruits before porridge and other instant foods. It will be refreshing to have fruit puree as foods in their early age.

Strawberry puree is a popular name for strawberry sauce. It is a delicious blend of strawberries and sugar. It is fine to add some sugar but we should add too much.

We can reduce the nutritional value of strawberry if we add too much sugar. The strawberry tastes so delicious though it is easy to make.


  • Strawberry
  • Sugar
  • Lemon

How to Make it:

Best Way to Make Strawberry Puree
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We can use fresh strawberries to puree with fresher flavor. Besides, we can also use frozen strawberry.

Yet, it is better to use unsweetened strawberries. We can add little sugar in order add the sweet taste.

Strawberry is not completely sour. Ripe strawberries have unique, sweet flavor.

However, it is not that sweet to be our favorite dessert. So, we can add some sugar to the puree.

We can process the puree right away.

Next, we can add a few of lemon juice. Lemon will bring the strawberry flavor out. It will be done that easily.

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How to store it:

Though it is easy to make the puree, we need to make it more efficient. We can cook more than one portion of puree and store it.

It will be possible to store it up to a week in a refrigerator. We can also store it in a freezer.

When we keep the puree in a tight or good quality container, we will be able to keep it for a month.

Strawberry sauce or puree is not commonly used at home. However, pastry chefs have long used the puree for various kinds of dessert.

A simple cake will look and taste yummy as we pour strawberry puree on it. Besides, a slice of cheesecake will taste a lot better with the strawberry sauce.

We can even add the sauce to chocolate torte. The taste of any cakes will be more delicious with strawberries puree.

After we know how to make strawberry puree, our kitchen and dining room will not be the same.

We can easily give a summer treat with a bowl of ice cream with strawberry puree on top. And it will never be boring to have a giant glass of strawberry milkshake with strawberry puree.

Moreover, the puree will taste awesome to fold in a whipped cream. We can use the cream for a filling of cakes and pastry. Even, roulades will be a great treat as we add strawberry sauce to them.

Easy step to Make Strawberry Puree
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Strawberry puree can be that sweet and nutritious at the same time. We can eat an apple a day and get the doctor away.

Yet, we need to stay energetic and health in the sweetest way possible. Therefore, we will need strawberries.

The berries look irresistible with the bright and charming red colors. The shapes are cute as well. It has a lot of vitamin C and antioxidant that can help us look younger.

We can fight against viruses, infections, and free radicals with the berries. Besides, we can also enjoy a tasty dessert with strawberry sauce for all occasions.

It is simply healthy to have strawberry sauce in our own fridge. We can harvest the strawberries from our garden or buy them in the nearest greengrocers.

We can even use the frozen berries to make the strawberry puree.

To have such amazing ingredient in our kitchen will make our breakfast and other dining times more cheerful.

We can also learn how to make strawberry puree added with other berries to make our home-made desserts taste better.

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