Some Kind of Berry Fruit Types and its Healthy Benefits

Berry Fruit Types

Berry Fruit Types  – A small and sweet fruit which can grown massively in the wild, Beery actually has lot of kind and types. However, we already known some kind of popular berry such as Strawberry, Blackberry, Blackcurrant, and Elderberry.

There are a lot of kind of berry which also has many benefits to human healthiness and fitness. As your basic information, here some kind of berry fruit types and Its healthy benefits.


Bearberry Fruit

Bearberry has a great antioxidant and biological effect to the bacteria. This effect may reveals by using a plant extract.

The research discovered an antimicrobial activity during the extraction of ethanol on the Bearberry Extraction which known as Arctostaphylos UVA-Ursi.

Extraction body plant especially was taken from Bearberry leafs which contained 25 kinds of bacterium. There was 550 nm of observation wavelength to analyze the ability of Bearberry extract to the healing.


Bearberry Fruit

Barberry has an ability to heal intestine worm inflammation, anticonvulsant, and sedative effect.

Modern medical found that Barberry Extract has effect as Anesthesia drugs in which injected to the subcutaneous area.

Barberry extract also help the cell again Vulgaris Bacteria which cause of inflammation.


Crowberry Fruit

Crowberry widely are found in the subarctic regions which is really important to the Inuit and the Sami Clans live.

It was exiting when the Inuit and Sami Clans exploits Crowberry population by using them as a herbal and traditional medication but after that, Crowberry grown widely once more.

Crowberry has a high concentration of pigment which use by human as a natural coloring raw.

Crowberry also known as Tanaina which was harvested a food, winter saving food and the Sami and The Inuit sometimes consume with a meal and fat.

Barberry harvesting time commonly is in fall season.

It can storage and consume during the winter and springs season. The Inuit, American native clans, mixed it with Blueberry to improve their recipe and cooking taste such as cake and muffins.

The Inuit also made jelly by Crowberry extract. The others benefits of the Crowberry Plant are Diarrhea healing drugs. Dean’ina healing ability comes from Crowberry Stem and Leafs.


Blue-Elderberry Fruit

Blue-Elderberry tree is larger than original Blueberry tree. Its high rich in almost 4 meter with hard wooden stem tree.

Blue-Elderberry has a high antioxidant which is helped human detoxification system and also digestion system.

Bleu-Elderberry juice is good to your diet program which help you lose a large number of cholesterol and fat.


Gooseberry Fruit

Gooseberry (Indian: Amla) has a lot of benefits to the human health. Indian native clans use it as hair tonic to keep their hair black and strong. For your further information, Gooseberry benefits are:

  • Applying a mixed of almond oil and extract of Gooseberry is a natural hair and scrap nutrition.
  • Extract gooseberry also able to use as natural hair conditioner to wash your hair. You may also add egg and lemon to use it an antidandruff.


Strawberry Fruit

Strawberry is the most popular within the Berries in the world. It popularity comes from it healthy and delicious taste which love both adult and kids.

The other popularity comes from its red color and shape which very colorful and beautiful. Strawberry is no single fruit but consist of a lot fruit which known as plural fruit. The strawberry benefits are:

  • Strawberry helps you to reduces the cholesterol
  • Strawberry fights again cancer cell
  • Strawberry contains an anti-allergy and anti-inflammation chemical
  • 7 Strawberry a day help you to protect your condition and healthiness. Those contain more antioxidant than the average green vegetable.
  • Strawberry is rich of vitamin C and sweet but save for diabetes suspect.
  • Strawberry also has enough fiber to your diet program and digestion system.
  • Strawberry has a backing soda effect which able to make your teeth be white.
  • Strawberry has an effect of astringent


Blackberry Fruit

Blackberry is one of famous berry which able to eat directly or to make it juice. All of American native clans use all of Blackberry plant part as a traditional medicine and herbal.

Blackberry roots also used as a salad and Blackberry extract is able to use as jelly and jam ingredient. Blackberry root has effect of diuretic, tonic, depurative, diarrhea and dysentery medicine.

Oregon Grape

Oregon Grape Fruit

A native Hindustani use Oregon grape effect as a Dyspepsia medicine. This plants was used widely by Indian native indigenous medical practitioner.

Several Oregon grape essence are bacterium resisted and act such a natural antibiotic to your healthiness and fitness.

Oregon grape are generally reduce the inflammation effect on the surface skin, diuretic, and tonic.

Lingon berry

Lingonberry Fruit

North America native plant also found in Euro and Asia. This crawl plant also resistant to extreme temperature condition such as in North Pole Area and alpine mountain.

A mature Lingon Berry fruit has a dark color, strong smell and sour taste.

Lingon berry contain a lot of Iron for your blood production and also rich of polyphenol as a natural antioxidant.


Blackcurrant Fruit

The richest of Vitamin C berry is Blackcurrant which contains 302 % of daily vitamin C for every 100 gram of blackcurrant.

Vitamin C and Antioxidant in Blackcurrant protects your body from radical, air pollution, Virus infection and flu.

Blackcurrant also contains a lot of kind Vitamin such as B1, B2, B3, B5, Vitamin B6, Calcium, phosphorous, zinc, potassium and iron which keep your fitness 24 hour x 7 day a weeks. 100 grams of Blackcurrant a day keep you away from doctor.


Hackberry Fruit

Different with all berry, Hackberry has a very elastic stem and dry condition resistance. Hackberry use in Korea, Japan and China as Bonsai three which can survive in extreme condition.

China Hackberry, also known as China sinensis, very popular in Korea as bonsai plant. Hackberry has a very smelly flower which attract honey bee and product a great quality of Honey.


Nannyberry Fruit

Nannyberry rich of Viburnum which were used in America as traditional herbal and medicine. Nannyberry has a great and delicious taste with a little sweet fills that make it popular.

Nannyberry a little bit rare because its lower popularity than other berry so people prefers to plant another berry kind such as Strawberry, Blackcurrant, Blueberry, Elderberry and Gooseberry.


Cranberry Fruit

Cranberry is the famous berry which all of its product are used to produce juice, only 5 % of its product directly sell as fresh fruit.

Fresh cranberry fruit has bit and acid taste that the reason why people prefers consume it in juice and jam.

Cranberry also able to be jelly ingredient, give extra sugar for more sweet taste is the most common serving suggestion.

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