A Fun and Delicious Way to Live Healthily: Blueberry Smoothie Healthy

Blueberry Smoothie Healthy
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Ide Berries – Most of the time, people only set a diet for weight loss. Some people feel that it is their over weight problems that cause many diseases. Well, this is true. But the main reason is not always health.

Many people do the tight diet due to their physical apperance. In order to live healthily, we have to set a healthy diet plans.

There are many special dishes and menus that we can cook in our kitchen. Yet, we have to make sure that the menus are good for kids.

Good meals for kids mean that they should love them. So, we have to create fun foods and beverage. For instance, we need to include smoothie in our daily menus. Blueberry smoothie healthy is one of them.

Smoothie is always be a good idea for both breakfast and lunch. Kids love the flavour and it is healthy. As part of a healthier life goal, it is surely essential that we create various smoothie recipes for our family.

For instance, we can mix some fruits. Even, we can also include vegetables in the recipe. Of so many ideas of smoothies, we need to stick on berries. Blueberry, for instance, will give sufficient vitamins, minerals, and of course antioxidant.

Other berries are nutritious as well. Plus, the berries taste really delicious for smoothies. We can always add up berry sauce on a pancake, toast, and cakes. But smoothie is easier to make. Besides, it will be fun to have smoothie with that rich flavour.

The magic blending of blueberry smoothie will make a day more energetic. Besides, it is a good diet menu for all families. The beluberry smoothie can keep dieters feeling full. Also, it fulfills the energy intake that people will need.

Blueberry smoothie health is definitely a brillaint idea for health diet, weight loss, and even easy home-made beverage.

It is easy to make the blueberry smoothie attractive. It has the shiny purple color. That is always inviting. Even kids will never hate it. Also, it is a good source of antioxidants.

Make sure that you are ready with a good quality blender. The blender will be busy with various blueberry smoothie recipes.

Blueberry is famous for its ninja-like capability for fighting free radicals. Therefore, it will not only good for weight loss but also for beauty. The almond milk, some healthy fruits, and vegetables will make the nutrients even richer. It will contain calcium, vitamin E, vitamin D, and many others.


  • Original almond milk: 1 cup (this is an optional ingredient. We can also use water instead).
  • Chia seeds: 1 tablespoon ( this is the secret ingredient that makes dieters feel full all the time).
  • Banana: 1 (we have to peel it initially of course).
  • Oranges: 3 pieces
  • Frozen bluberries: 2 cups

Making a smoothie is fun. Moms do not have to worry about the complicated steps. It is always a successful recipe. Besides, it will make moms stay pretty. It is not a dirty kind of cooking.

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How to make the healthy blueberry smoothie:

There will be only two steps for it. We have to put everything to the blender. 1 cup of almond mils, 1 teaspoonful of chia seeds, 1 banana, 2 oranges, and 2 cups of blueberries will create a thick texture. We can use a common blender to create it. Yet, it will be better to use a special blender with smoothie button. The result will be more smooth.

We can add ice cubes if the kids love cool beverages. And we need to serve the smoothie right away. Chia seeds will make the smoothie so thick. Drinking the smoothie in the morning will make us fuller. That way, we will not crave for snacks and unhealthy sweets.

Nutritional Facts of Blueberry

Blueberry smoothie healthy is that nutritious for some reasons. Here are the detail information of its nutritional facts:

  1. It is very low in saturated fat. Therefore, dieters will be able to lose more weight with it.
  2. It has no cholesterol. We know that cholesterol can be good for health. Yet, we have to limit the intake so we do not end up consume too much cholesterol.
  3. It contains low in sodium.
  4. It is rich in dietary fiber. That is why it is good for a health diet and weight loss program.
  5. The smoothie will be rich in vitamin B6 and vitamin C.

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