Elderberry Syrup for Babies Recipes, Benefits, and Dosage

Elderberry Syrup for Babies
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Elderberry Syrup for Babies – Today, we can easily get some home remedy tips and ideas for our babies. Babies are sensitive to chemical medicines. Therefore, the homemade and herbal medicines are recommended. Yet, not every home remedies for babies are trusted.

Some of the ideas are not tested well. Thus, we need to be sure that we consult the right sites or sources for avoiding the side effects.

In addition, we have to apply the best hygiene when doing the recipe. We can try the recipe step by step and serve a home-made and safe substance for our beloved babies. We can find some recipes on elderberry syrup for babies online.

Before doing the recipe, we have to search some information related to contraindications for babies. It is true that natural ingredients will be safer for the babies. Yet, we have to be still very careful with some possibilities.

For instance, we have to avoid honey. Honey is not recommended for babies under one year old. So, we need to use a recipe that requires no honey.

We all know that babies should not take chemical medications unless it is prescribed by the specialists. Besides, we have to use the chemical medications as the final option. So, the best way to keep them healthy is to breastfeed them well.

The mothers should consume healthy and nutritious foods so the breast milk has a good quality. Besides, it is truly necessary that moms boost the babies’ immune systems by giving berries.

When the babies start to dabble or when they reach the age of eating solid meals, they can start having berries. Of so many kinds of berries, elderberries should be on the list.

Elderberries taste sweet. So, it will not be hard for the babies to like it. Besides, it is also tasty and simple to cook as delicious dishes.

It will be good to consume the elderberry syrup or sauce to reduce the symptoms of influenza. We can even reduce the duration of cold with elderberries.

For babies, elderberries will be a natural and safe herbal remedy to increase immunity. We can actually buy the elderberry syrup.

The bottle contains elderberry extract, glucose, citric, and potassium sorbate. However, we can make the elderberry syrup for babies just at home. It is cheap and not complicated at all.

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How to Make Elderberry Syrup for Babies

This recipe is not a product of a licensed medical specialist. It is based on an experienced mom.

Syrup Making Stage

The first step in creating the elderberry syrup for babies is to make a thick and simple syrup. We can use organic sugar for a healthier syrup.


  • Sugar: ½ cup
  • Water: ¼ cup

How to Make it:

We have to combine sugar with water in a nonstick pot on a stove. We have to set the heat well over medium heat.

Next, we have to stir the mixture well. We need to wait patiently until the sugar shows no granule. We should not boil the mixture. Remove the heat.

We can store the liquid in a mason jar. We must make sure that we have sterilized the jar initially. After the liquid gets colder, we can store it in a refrigerator.

Elderberry Concentrate Stage


  • Water: 2 cups
  • Elderberries: ½ cups

How to Make it:

Similarly to the previous stage, we need to use a pot to mix the ingredients. Next, we have to bring it to boil. After that, we can reduce the heat. Let the liquid simmered for an hour.

In the process of simmering, we need to mash the elderberries. We need to really mix the water and the fruits. So, we have to do it carefully.

It takes more than an hour to make the water evaporated. When the water remains only ½ cup remove the heat.

The next step is straining the syrup. The good liquid of elderberry syrup is ready to store in a mason jar.

Elderberry Syrup for Babies Stage


  • Elderberry concentrate:3 parts
  • Thick Simple Syrup: 1 part

How to Create it:

It is as easy as to combine the ingredients and store the mixture in a glass mason jar. We can sweeten the syrup by using less thick syrup.

The Elderberry Syrup Dosage:

For a health maintenance, we can give our babies ¼ to ½ teaspoon each day. When the babies suffer from cold or flu, we can improve the dosage into 2 to 3 times each day.

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