Unique Tropical Strawberry Shakeology Recipes

Tropical Strawberry Shakeology Recipes
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Ideberries.com – Strawberry shake is always a sweet idea for a breakfast. The fresh taste will give a good start every single day. We can include the strawberry shake as the children breakfast.

In addition, it is also good to make it as a morning menu for a weight loss method. Strawberry tastes sweet with a little sour flavor. Therefore, it is great to combine strawberry with vanilla, chocolate, and other flavors.

The strawberry treat is wonderful for cakes, desserts, snacks, beverages, juice, and smoothies. Tropical strawberry shakeology recipes will make our day.

Strawberries have the character of easy blending with other ingredients. It tastes awesome with water and little ice.

We do not have to add some other sweeteners, sugar, or milk if we want to keep it fresh. However, there are some ideas of Tropical strawberry shakeology recipes that mix up some ingredients and even other fruits.

Strawberry Shakeology Recipes
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The shakeology recipes include various types of dishes as well. We can find strawberry mojito recipes easily. Besides, we can also bite the strawberry flavor through creamy strawberry cheesecake.

Through the internet, there are countless lists of the best strawberry shakeology recipes. However, there are some that are too unique.

We can say that the recipes are sometimes peculiar for our every lifestyle. Yet, it is still fun to try out some of the unique recipes. We can manage a healthier life as we find interesting Tropical strawberry shakeology recipes.

This recipe will fulfill our nutrition needs. We will be more energetic as we drink a big mug jar of strawberry shakeology.

We all know that strawberries are the superfood that contains antioxidants and protein. It is rich in vitamin C and phytonutrients.

Nutrition Facts of Strawberry Shakeology:

It contains only 130 calories per serving. A single donut contains 350 calories and thus, it is healthier to consume the shake.

The total fat is 1 gram only. What about the cholesterol? It has only 5 mg in each serving. It does not make you fat because the total carbs are 15 gram.

We can also get some protein from the shake. It has 16 grams of protein per serving. And it also contains 120 mg of sodium.

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The Tropical strawberry shakeology recipes:

  1. Creamy strawberry vanilla: Mix strawberry shakeology with one cup of almond milk. We can add ice in order to give a fresher taste.
  2. Vanilla Strawberry: Blend strawberry shakeology with one teaspoonful of vanilla extract. After that, we need to add 1 cup of water. The last one, we can add the ice.
  3. Strawberry green tea shake: It is as simple as adding one cup of green tea and ice to the strawberry shakeology.
  4. Strawbery hazelnut: We can add a teaspoon of hazelnut extract and one cup of water to strawberry shakeology. Adding ice is optional.
  5. Tropica-frozen strawberry: In order to make the flavor stronger, we can add one cup of frozen strawberries to the strawberry shakeology. Also, we need to add one cup of water.

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